Time for a bit of bike cleaning?

I am penning this tome on bike cleaning after having a mixed week of pristine and not so pristine bikes to deal with. So, in the interest of self-fulfilment I thought a piece on the merits of keeping your bike clean may keep myself and my workshop less gritty! To those that keep their bikes […]

When did you last check your bicycle brakes?

Bicycle brakes – well all they do is stop you………..don’t they? The simple answer is yes, they do, or they should. The necessity to stop safely and at the correct time is paramount, everything else on a bike counts for nothing if when in that instant you need to stop QUICK and you don’t. Not […]

Are 11 speed gears the future?

Or are 11 speed gears just another manufacturing gimmick…..? Technology moves apace and cycling is no exception, yesterday’s Shimano Dura Ace is todays 105. As in any field, the advances experienced in the professional echelons very quickly become available to the mass market. Look at the mechanical enhancements and accessories we take for granted in […]

10 Great Tips on Group Cycling Etiquette

Some love it and some avoid it like the plague, but whatever your thoughts, if you are considering joining a cycling club or are already group cycling, there are number of ‘rules’ that need to be adhered to in order to make the experience pleasurable and safe for you, other riders and everyone else you come […]