Gatorskin folding tyres – long term product review

I have had a dedicated winter bike for some five years and apart from the original low priced tyres that were fitted when I bought it, I have used Continental Gatorskins exclusively.

I road ride throughout the year and once the weather deteriorates the winter steed emerges and the Gatorskins come into their own.

Given the timing of writing this article at the end of January 2015, even Gatorskins would struggle with the deep covering of snow we have, some things are just too much even for Gatorskins!

Back to the review: Gatorskins will not win any races in the lightest tyre categories, but what you may pay for in extra weight is far outweighed by their durability.

The tyres benefit from excellent puncture protection (I may regret writing this – in five years I have had one puncture), the lanes of Cheshire and the hills of the Peak District aren’t the smoothest of tracks and hedge clippings and pot holes conspire to test the tyres on most rides, thankfully the Gatorskins are up to the task.

Gatorskin tyres

Gatorskin tyres

Handling is assured, having used the tyres in every conceivable condition I can honestly say Gatorskins have handled everything that Mother Nature and under funding of road repairs has thrown at them. Cornering feels planted and solid even in very wet conditions and the bike feels secure into the apex of bends and can take changes in direction with aplomb.

In five years I have only had three sets of Gatorskins and have covered hundreds of winter miles over some of the best and worst winter weather and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

If you’d like a set for yourself call Martin on: 07929 892429 or email:

Price: £24 (each)