I have based this review of the 500 and 700 lumen SMART Front Light sets upon the feedback I have received from Velo-Tech customers that have been using them for some time and relates specifically to the front light units.

The 500 lumen light is based on a regular road rider who needed a replacement for the night rides he completes as part of his training schedule, the 700 lumen on a commuter who wanted a bright and powerful light to ensure he was as visible as possible after unfortunately being knocked off his bike by a motorist.

Both lights fall into the mid-price bracket of £37.00 for the 500 light set and £40.00 for the 700 unit which I believe provide excellent value for money.

SMART Front Light

SMART Front Light

Firstly, there is not much difference in the size of these two lights, the 700 being slightly larger than the 500. Both attach to the bars via an easy to use bracket, with inserts to allow fitting to differing bar sizes.

Charging is via USB and stated burn time is very good given that both customers concerned have stated that they never use the full beam as the lower is more than adequate.

Both lights have similar running times:

  • Four light modes (low beam steady, medium beam steady, high beam steady and flashing)
  • Up to 10.5 hours run time in low beam steady mode
  • Up to 6.5 hours run time in medium beam steady mode
  • Up to 2.5 hours run time in high beam steady mode
  • Up to 25 hours run time in flashing mode

One excellent feature that has been highlighted is the power button which is very easy to use in gloved fingers when changing modes – a real bonus in the colder weather. The power button is also lit and the colour of the button changes depending upon which mode is selected giving a visual indication as to the mode instead of trying to work out how bright the light is away from flashing mode.

It has been pointed out that once the battery power drops, the power button turns red, but that after being run to such a point that the light starts to shut down, it takes approximately 20-30 minutes after turning red. This can give some assurance if your ride takes longer than planned.

Overall, for the price – an excellent piece of kit.

If you’d like one for yourself, just give me a call – 07929 892429 or email: martin@velotechcheshire.co.uk

Price: SMART 500 –  £37 /  SMART 700 – £40