I had the pleasure of excellent customer service this week, to the point that it actually made me smile, it also brought a smile to another but more of that later.

Firstly what makes good or bad customer service?

Good customer service can easily be quantified – being open, honest, friendly, willing to listen and more importantly accepting that we are not always correct and we do not know everything – life is a constant learning circle and I believe we all learn something new everyday.

Today I learned to ride on rollers!

Bad customer service leaves a bad taste, being discourteous, arrogant and not listening to what others have to say – it doesn’t make for good business, a customer is far less likely to return to a business if they haven’t had a good experience.

I would pride myself on always being willing to listen and being very approachable, but enough of me and back to the excellent experience.

I ordered a Planet X track frame for a bespoke build. The order and delivery were what you would expect from a company like Planet X.

Once the frame was mounted in the stand a visual check revealed that the upper head bearing shell had snapped away from the frame and the shell was quite badly damaged.

A phone call to Planet X and an email with pictures resulted with a reply within an hour with an offer for the frame to be collected by a courier.

The frame was duly collected virtually to the minute of the time slot provided by the courier, I had asked if a replacement could be sent out before the weekend so I could build the bike for training at the Velodrome on Saturday and Monday track league at the same venue.

Planet X Track Bike

Planet X Track Bike

I was amazed that the replacement arrived less than 48 hours after the original being collected! That is GOOD customer service!

The bike build has been completed and I can’t wait until it is speeding around the boards of the Velodrome!